Brazilian Dark Roast

Brazilian Dark Roast


Brazil | Micro-Lot Blended | Specialty Coffee

Flavor profile:  Pleasing nut tones with just the right amount of fruit and silky rich cocoa-infused body
Roast: Dark
Region:  Matas De Minas
Farm: Various
Altitude: 400 – 1100 meters
Variety: Various
Process: Natural dry, coffee is dried in its full cherry prior to de-pulping.


Cultivated in one of Brazil’s highest growing areas, Araponga, this coffee is produced by artisan farmers who developed their own unique specialty coffee. Recognized at local cupping competitions and paid premium prices for their yields, these farmers know how to grow coffee. Period.

Curated and roasted with artisanship, we are proud to offer this silky-rich cocoa-infused coffee, sharing its exceptional quality, aroma, and flavor with exceptional people like you.

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Weight 12 oz


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