Blackwoods Coffee is a simple distribution company.
Small specialty coffee farmers around the world make the best coffee. Premium specialty coffee is like fine wine. It’s all in the cultivation, care and roasting of the bean.

Small specialty coffee farmers want to share their excellent harvests. The best way to share these premium specialty coffees, was to purchase coffees grown by artisan coffee farmers around the world, and make them available here at home. In creating this company, together we can share the brilliance of the small coffee growers and their excellent aromatic coffee experience.

This company is founded on a passion and love of coffee and the farmers who dedicate their lives in the pursuit of the perfect cup of excellence. We support and share their passion and strive to maintain a high level of excellence​ and quality in the products we distribute. We will always strive and aspire to disseminate accurate and helpful information about coffee and its related products.

Get delicious colombian, brazilian, and ethiopian coffee delivered to your door with Blackwoods coffee's monthly coffee subscription


Buying quality coffee beans has an important trickle-down effect. Coffee growing regions that improve their growing and processing practices receive a higher price for their coffees. When you pay $15 or $20 for a bag of quality coffee, the coffee farmers who grow those beans experience an increase in income.

Maybe you love your bag of Ethiopian blend, or perhaps you prefer the Brazilian dark roast. Buying them from Blackwoods Coffee, having them delivered, takes less effort than looking for a big brand label on your bag of grocery store coffee.

You have an amazing opportunity to do good. The simple act of buying a pound of coffee beans to enjoy at home gives us real opportunities to improve the lives of poor coffee farmers in developing countries.

There is no other product we buy, so frequently, that can be used as a tool of positive change. Every remarkable cup of coffee we drink gives the world a little nudge, and can improve the lives of people thousands of miles away from where we live. Whenever you can, buy our quality coffee beans. Every time you do, you’ll be helping a small coffee farmer, his family and his community.

Small coffee farmer harvesting premium coffee beans


  • Passion

    Blackwoods Coffee has a simple mission. Founded on the belief that everyone deserves to revel in the brilliance of the small coffee grower, our mission is to share only the best coffees from around the globe with you, our honorary guest. Like fine wine, these excellent aromatic coffees are carefully cultivated and roasted with artistry and patience, bringing out the fresh aromas and flavors you crave in your morning, afternoon, and evening cup.

  • Curation

    From sourcing to roasting, we take coffee seriously.  Using only the finest Arabica coffee beans, our shade-grown, organic, fair-trade, and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans are purchased directly from sustainable coffee farms around the world, allowing us to form honest, lasting relationships with the hardworking farmers behind the scenes.

  • Eco-centric

    We are proud to be among the world’s few carbon-negative coffee companies. For every pound of coffee purchased, a portion goes to reforestation in Ecuador’s Mindo Cloud Forest. This ongoing reforestation project will remove 54 lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere.  Since it only takes 4 lbs of CO2 to produce and distribute 1 lb of coffee, Blackwoods Coffee‘s participation in the coffee industry removes more CO2 than emitted during coffee production and distribution.

  • Mission

    We want to share premium, specialty coffees with you, the consumer, while telling the story of the hardworking individuals that make it all possible. Together we can share the passion and brilliance of coffee growers, bringing their excellent aromatic and flavorful coffee expressions to your home, office, or local coffee shop.




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