Lesser-Known Facts About Coffee to Share with Coworkers on Break

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Coffee was introduced in the 15th century, and millions of people consume it now. The black brew is derived from ripe, dried coffee berries (coffee is, in fact, a fruit). Once dried, these ‘beans’ (the fruit’s seeds) are roasted and ground for coffee. Currently, about 2.25 billion cups are consumed worldwide daily.

While coffee has become a cultural phenomenon and a multi-billion-dollar enterprise throughout the centuries, most of us do not know much about this famed beverage. 

So, how well do you think you know coffee? Check out the following facts to learn more, then share your newfound coffee knowledge with coworkers on your next coffee break or with friends the next time you get together over a cup of joe.


Coffee For Human Consumption Began Thanks to Goats.

Goats inspired the invention of coffee. Ethiopian farmers in the 9th century spotted their goats dancing after eating coffee berries. So, a local monk tried it and found it kept him awake; hence, coffee was developed.


Coffee Was Food Before It Became a Beverage.

Long before people figured out how to brew coffee, East African tribes ate a mixture of ground coffee and animal fat.


At One Time, Consuming Coffee Carried a Death Sentence.

Thought to have mind-altering effects, coffee was banned in the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century. The era’s monarch considered it a severe drug and forbade its use. The normative penalty was death.


Black Coffee Is the Ideal Beverage if You Are Counting Calories.

Black coffee without sweeteners, creamers or other flavorings has only one calorie per cup.


Are You Aware That There is an Optimal Time of Day to Drink Coffee?

Between 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM, coffee is most effective.

It Takes Your Body One Day to Eliminate the Caffeine from a Cup of Coffee.

Caffeine hits its peak within 30-60 minutes after ingestion. It will be half gone within five hours and completely cleared from your body within 24 hours.

Coffee is Everything’s Fuel.

Scientists have successfully transformed ground coffee (new or used) into biodiesel. Thus, it is possible to fuel yourself by drinking coffee, then recycle spent coffee grounds to fuel your car!


Caffeine Reduces Liver Damage.

Studies show coffee reduces alcohol-related liver damage. Over 430,000 liver-damaged individuals consumed two cups of coffee daily in this research. It reduced their liver cirrhosis risk by 44%.


Coffee Reduces Men’s Prostate Cancer Risk.

According to research, men who consume six or more cups of coffee daily reduce their risk by 20%.


Coffee Increases Longevity.

ACP scientists found that long-term coffee drinkers had longer lifespans than non-drinkers.


Fair-Trade Boosts Coffee Quality.

Fair-trade premium coffee costs more because growers spend 25% more time on it. Therefore, these goods are unquestionably higher quality and have earned 28 awards for their flavor.

Blackwoods Coffee sources its coffee from fair-trade and organic operations worldwide. These coffees are delivered via internet subscriptions through our website. Order from us today, and you will understand the difference after your first cup!

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