How to Use Coffee Grounds After You Have Brewed

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Were you aware that your coffee grounds could have a second life? Reusing them allows you to make the most of your coffee purchase while helping the environment at the same time. This is possible because of their texture and nutrient load, which provide the necessary characteristics for use in various beauty, household and gardening purposes.

You will probably reconsider throwing away used coffee grounds after reading the many clever ways to use them!

Compost and Worm Food

Used coffee grounds are a natural fertilizer. They contain calcium, chromium, iron, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium—all critical minerals for healthy plant growth. In addition, they can absorb soil-contaminating heavy metals and attract garden-friendly worms.

You want lots of earthworms in your soil because they increase soil aeration and infiltration and improve nutrient cycling and plant growth. They break down organic materials, like coffee grounds. They love eating this nutrient-rich grit.

Slug Repellant

Worms enjoy coffee grounds, but slugs do not. They avoid crossing coffee grounds because they dislike their acidity. However, degrading coffee grounds can lower soil pH, which can be an issue for alkaline-loving plants.

Natural Pesticide

Coffee grounds deter more than slugs. However, the other pests dislike the stench. Simply mix the coffee grounds into the soil to deter subsurface pests or scatter them over the surface to repel insects like beetles, fruit flies and mosquitos. It also repels cats.

Better Blooms and Mushrooms

If your garden contains flowering plants that thrive in acidic soil, add coffee grounds, and they will flourish. Also, coffee grounds and moisture provide a good mushroom growing medium.

Cellulite Reduction

Coffee grounds treat cellulite by reducing fat deposits and stimulating blood flow.

Eye Rejuvenation and Aging Prevention

The caffeine and antioxidants in coffee grounds diminish dark under-eye circles and puffiness and prevent aging when applied to the skin.

Make Your Hair Shine and Grow 

For those with brown or black hair, massage coffee grounds into your scalp once a week before shampooing to eliminate buildup and dead skin. In addition, the acidity softens hair, and the caffeine encourages growth.

Skin Exfoliant

You can apply the grounds directly or mix them with lotion to scrub away dead skin cells and unclog pores.

Clean Pans

The same scouring strength that removes dead skin cells also cleans cookware.

Air Deodorizer

Coffee grounds absorb aromas as well as baking soda. The nitrogen reacts with sulfur in the air, drawing it out and trapping it in the grit.

Coffee Candles

Coffee grounds make a great candle ingredient because they smell amazing and look beautiful when layered.

Meat Rub and Tenderizer

Coffee grounds provide brisket, ribs and steak a natural smoky flavor when used as a rub. The acid also tenderizes the meat. Imagine how delicious your next barbeque can be with Blackwoods Coffee’s Premium coffee grounds!

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